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Bonsai Singapore – A Unique Corporate Giveaway

Bonsai is an ancient Asian art form that traces its roots from China and Japan. It is the art of growing miniaturized trees or plants in a tray or pot. It can be grown outdoors or indoors. A bonsai is believed to bring good fortune when given as a gift, especially if it’s a Bonsai Money Tree. Hence, bonsais are perfect corporate gifts. Read more…

Bonsai Gift


A Brief History Of Bonsais

The beginning of bonsais dates back from around the sixth to tenth century when miniature landscaping became popular. Buddhist monks introduced the art of bonsais to Japan around the twelfth and fourteenth century. They taught them how to grow these miniature plants and trees with the greatest care. Later on, bonsais became a symbol of prestige and honor. Centuries have passed but this ancient Asian art form continues to interest many. Today, the bonsai represents harmony between man, the soul and nature. Read more…

Bonsai Gift

For just SGD$80 , you can learn the secret of growing bonsai to mirror strokes of the Chinese character “茶“  or “Tea”. 100% success guaranteed.
You have to provide your own teapot (ideal size 4 to 5 inches).

Other Chinese characters possible, but will be at a higher cost of $80 to $200.

Payment Details:
Confirm Details with Mr Johnny Low (HP: 91732628), and make a bank transfer of $40 to OCBC: 612896597001  after appointment is confirmed.

The images found in the gallery below are pictures taken of Bonsai plants during the Singapore Garden Festival held from 15-22 July 2010 at Suntec City Singapore. We welcome interested buyers and sellers of Bonsai Plants to contact us with any questions. For Bonsai plants bought from us, we do provide after sales support to guide those newly introduced to this hobby.

We also have a Consultant, Mr Albert Ng, who is devoted full-time in the cultivation of Bonsai, with more than 35 years of experience.  He also conducts bonsai related courses at various Community Centres. You can contact him or call Johnny Low at HP:91732628 .

Bonsai Gift

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